Importance and future of home care in the UK

Importance and future of home care in the UK

For many people it is very important to stay at their home near to friends and family. At the same time, retaining their independence may also be very important to them and for that they might require a little extra help.

Some carefully chosen home care (also know as domiciliary care) can often be the perfect solution to getting a little help whilst retaining a good level of personal freedom.

Why opt for home care / domiciliary care?

Reasons for choosing home care can vary. Sometimes after a stay in hospital, someone might find they need some help whilst they recuperate. Others can find that a long-term condition or disability means they can no longer cope and they need a little bit of help. There are also people who have lost contact with their family and friends and need to have someone who can regularly check their wellbeing.

The level of home care provided can be tailored to meet the client needs – from a visit once a day to a much greater amount of help. Home care agencies can help with personal care such as washing and dressing. Even those with quite significant and debilitating medical conditions can get a level of skilled personal care that can enable them to stay in their own home. Some agencies will provide ‘live-in’ care, where a care worker will stay with the client at home to support throughout the day and night.

What is the future for the UK home care?

With the UK’s ageing population trend expected to continue, care providers have increasing opportunities to seek out the ever-increasing number of users, with a rising number not able to access state-funded care, and provide them with a suitable home care service.

This means that more people will have to pay for the care services they need. The actual development of the domiciliary care industry is expected to grow steadily and become more tailored and adaptable to the individual needs of the users. This will mean that home carers / domiciliary carers will be in extremely high demand with more job vacancies available and skilled and experienced carers will be required.

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